CMO Identification & Selection Services

Identifying the Right Contract Manufacturing Organization for Your Product With CMO Compass®

With hundreds of contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to choose from, how can you be sure you are selecting a solution that is the right fit for your product? Selecting the right CMO can easily be one of the most important decisions your organization will ever make. A well-planned and informed selection process can lead you to a trusted partner who will advance your product to the next milestone.  A rushed uninformed decision could leave you with costly and time-consuming rework or potentially even failure.

ProPharma Group has developed CMO Compass®, a proven, proprietary tool, to streamline the selection process and ultimately mitigate your risk. CMO Compass® facilitates that selection through a personalized, objective, and comprehensive process tailored to the requirements of your company and your product. Using customer service, capability, compliance, quality, and cost metrics, CMO Compass® determines the optimal fit to select your future partner from our database of 1,400 vendors. Our proven process can help you take that next step with confidence.